New Release: Yamaha MusicCast

Yamaha has recently unveiled news of their high-fidelity multi-room audio system MusicCast re-entering the scene as a competitor to the popular Sonos range. Bringing back the brand which was originally launched as MusicCAST over 10 years ago, Yamaha is also releasing more than 20 new MusicCast products from small powered speakers, soundbars to AV receivers.

MusicCast e

MusicCast is designed for simple, intuitive and seamless network audio through multiple rooms. Controlled by one app on your phone or tablet, you can use all your MusicCast devices together or individually. Whatever your audio preference, the MusicCast system is completely expandable, so you can start with a wireless speaker and perhaps add a soundbar later on.

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Owners of the RX-V79 or Aventage RXA 50 Series receivers will be pleased to know that by installing a new firmware update, MusicCast support will be added to your amp.

MusicCast will operate on your existing wireless network, and will support up to 10 zones, which you can have playing the same musicin each room, different music in each room, or a combination. As all MusicCast devices are Bluetooth and AirPlay compatible, you will be able to stream your music via Bluetooth and then share it around your home with MusicCast.

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Yamaha plans to release a range of MusicCast products from October this year and Selby anticipate supporting a large quantity of these devices as they are released. Stay tuned for more information as products become available in-store and online.

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