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Meet the Team - Sue

Posted on 24 May 2013 by Monique There have been 0 comments

Sue has been with Selby from the very beginning. Together with her husband Shaun, she is the founder and owner of Selby Acoustics. An integral part of the Warehouse team, Sue lives and breathes audio visual equipment and all the little bits and pieces that go into making Home Entertainment systems unique. She knows all the products on range at Selby, and arranges for all the orders made online to be picked and sent out to our customers swiftly and safely.

Q1.         What do you do at Selby?

I am the Warehouse Manager / Sales

Q2.         Are you Apple or Android?

Apple – iPhone of course

Q3.         What’s your favourite food?

Marshmallows – and Bohn Mi after a trip to Vietnam (check out Sue enjoying it above)

Q4.         What kind of car do you drive?

MX 5

Q5.         What is your ideal holiday?

Somewhere warm, that I haven’t been – and somewhere free

Q6.         What is your drink of choice?

A Pina Colada while on my ideal holiday!

Q7.         AFL or Rugby? And Which Team?

Rugby – the All Blacks of course

Q8.         What kind of Home Theatre do you have?

Put it this way, I don’t have a garage anymore

Q9.         What would be your ideal technology?

My own personal Genie

Q10.       What was your first album/tape/CD/mp3?

Abba Arrival – on vinyl

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