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Meet the Team - Stephen

Posted on 15 May 2014 by Monique There have been 0 comments

This “Meet the Team” will focus on Stephen, who is one of Selby's newer team members. With a background in IT and customer service, Stephen can be found in the office working on our website and eBay listings. He will also be providing customer support online and over the phone. Here are Stephen's answers to the Selby 10 questions.


Q1. What do you do at Selby? Customer Support Team Member Q2. Are you Apple or Android? – What kind of phone do you have? Apple – iPhone 4, though I’m seriously considering the iPhone 5s Q3. What’s your favourite food? Mexican cuisine of any kind Q4. What kind of car do you drive? Hyundai Excel Q5. What is your ideal holiday?

Travelling and playing music Q6. What is your drink of choice? Dr. Pepper Q7. AFL or Rugby? And Which Team? Neither! Though I might consider some cricket. Q8. What kind of Home Theatre/TV set up do you have? 32 inch Samsung LCD TV (need to upgrade!), Component 5.1 audio system with Aaron ATS-5 speakers Q9. What would be your ideal technology? The new wave of virtual reality tech that’s being developed by Occulus VR looks really interesting. Q10. What was your first album/tape/CD/mp3? Possibly the first CD I ever bought for myself was Silverchair’s debut “Frogstomp”.

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