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Meet the Team - Monique

Posted on 18 October 2012 by Monique There have been 2 comment(s)

When we decided it would be nice to introduce the team behind Selby, I asked “Who should we introduce first”. The answer came shooting back to me…”You”. After a few moments, I said “OK, I guess I asked for that one”.

So, I am Monique. I have been with Selby for only a short period, joining the team in August 2012 as the Advertising Coordinator. I share an office with 5 guys, which may make some shudder, but not me, they’re great!

My background is in Retail Marketing, Fitness & lots in between. I am a mother of 3 gorgeous kids, and spend most of my spare time running them around to a myriad of sporting commitments.

To help out all the staff, we decided that we should create some questions for them to answer, so here they are, and here are my answers.

Q1.         What do you do at Selby?

As Selby is a small to medium sized business, this means I do everything from writing blogs, keeping facebook up to date, coordinating the newsletter, product promotions and more.

Q2.         Are you Apple or Android?

Currently I have a Samsung Galaxy III, and not that I cared about what phone I had before, I’m loving this one.

Q3.         What’s your favourite food?

It depends on my mood, but I can never pass up Thai or Indian.

Q4.         What kind of car do you drive?

I drive a little white Toyota Corolla. It suits me well. It even fits all my kids, but maybe not for much longer.

Q5.         What is your ideal holiday?

I guess I have two kinds. One is the super relaxing Island getaway, while the other is the adventure kind, trekking somewhere exotic, and culturally diverse.

Q6.         What is your drink of choice?

I love a good Chai Latte, but I wouldn’t pass up a cold beer on a hot day.

Q7.         AFL or Rugby? And Which Team?

AFL, and although not doing so well, I am a Western Bulldog supporter. Maybe next year??? LOL

Q8.         What kind of Home Theatre do you have?

I have a “Projector Room” as my kids call it. It’s the one place we all get together and relax, without looking at all the other stuff that needs doing around the house. We project onto the wall because it’s like being at the movies. We have a large u-shaped couch that everyone can lay on, which you’ll often find draped in various pillows and blankets. Soooo comfortable.

Q9.         What would be your ideal technology?

A robot housemaid, that does everything including cooking, cleaning, washing the car, dog, kids etc.

Q10.       What was your first album/tape/CD/mp3?

I bought “Kiss-Dynasty” with my birthday money, on cassette tape. Wore that thing out.

So if you’re a fan of Selby on facebook, or have a question about the blog or newsletter, then feel free to pop a message through. Chances are it will be me that gets it.

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2 Responses to Meet the Team - Monique

  • Hi Monique , Go Dogs , I am a St Kilda supporter , so I share your feelings from last season
    I want to upgrade to an Onkyo amp for my home theatre , and have my eye on the TXNR709 , but I am wondering if it would be worth going the extra to get the TXNR616AE or TXNR808 ?
    Can someone explain the difference / features that I would benefit by upgrading
    My set up is wired for 7.2 , JBL (US made ) & Jamo speakers , capable of handling 180 - 200 watts
    Can I connect the amp to the Blu Ray player / aerial set up by HDMI cables , in and out , so both A & V go through the Onkyo ? Present set up connection is by Optical cable

    Thanks for your help

    Posted on 19 October 2012 at 4:12 pm

  • monique says:

    Great questions Frank. All of the amps you mentioned are capable of powering your speakers.
    The 616AE is the newest, is the lower audio quality of the three, but is still excellent. It has diminished audio processing/auto set-up Audyssey Dynamic Volume/2EQ. This doesn't take your sub into account. Apple Air play is included. Video processing is the same as the 709.
    The 709 is last years model. It has better connectivity, with increased audio quality due to upgraded power stage. It has the best audio processing with (Auto-setup) Audyssey Multi EQ XT/Dynamic volume
    The 808 is the oldest model of the three,lower video quality and less processing ability, but still upscales to 1080p. It has the best audio quality with best power stage and circuit topology. It has the same audio processing as the 616AE, with the best connectivity.
    Are you looking toward zoning? If you are here are some other considerations:
    The 616AE has powered Zone 2 or Pre Out Zone 2 and Pre Out Zone 3
    The 709 has powered Zone 2 or Pre Out Zone 2
    The 808 has Pre/Power Zone 2, Pre/Power Zone 3. If you are using both zones, one zone must be pre out. Using the powered zones on the 709 or 808 removes the total amount of surround channels available.
    HDMI - All of the amps allow for HDMI in & out and all have dual HDMI outs.
    I hope this helps answer your questions Frank. If you're still unsure, please feel free to call one of our techs on 1800 69 2225. They are always happy to talk through your individual situation.
    Cheers - monique

    Posted on 22 October 2012 at 10:31 pm


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