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Meet the Team - Dean

Posted on 8 March 2013 by Monique There have been 0 comments

Today we would like to introduce you to Dean. Dean has been with Selby for over 5 years, and is the go-to guy for anything in the office that falls under the IT umbrella. If someone has a question about the systems in the office, the first step will be to ask Dean. Being across several areas of the business helps the various departments work well together. This week we asked Dean our Selby questions. Here are his answers.

Q1.         What do you do at Selby?

I manage the I.T Team. We're responsible for keeping the website's operational, troubleshooting I.T. issues, implementing new systems, putting new products online, photography and graphic design.

Q2.         Are you Apple or Android?

I'm Apple for now. I've currently got an iPhone

Q3.         What’s your favourite food?

Curries of any type, but especially Indian.

Q4.         What kind of car do you drive?

I'm in between cars right now. My Falcon wagon finally gave up, so I'm thinking about a Patrol or a Landcruiser.

Q5.         What is your ideal holiday?

Something off the beaten track, roughing it, and really experiencing the different cultures of the world...with a stop off at a tropical beach.

Q6.         What is your drink of choice?

Ginger Beer...or scotch...or strawberry milk

Q7.         AFL or Rugby? And Which Team?

I follow Ice Hockey. Go Melbourne Ice! In the AFL I support Essendon

Q8.         What kind of Home Theatre do you have?

55" Samsung LCD, Yamaha Amp and Pure Acoustics speakers which I've been meaning to upgrade.

Q9.         What would be your ideal technology?

Time Machine! I'm happy to wait for the future, but I'd love to experience more of the past.

Q10.       What was your first album/tape/CD/mp3?

First CD was Silverchair. Before that, I'd listen to my brother's Guns n Roses tapes.

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