Introducing "The House of Marley" to Selby

Selby are proud to announce the introduction of the House of Marley brand to our range. The House of Marley are not your typical music brand. Promoting a strong environmental message, the range which includes headphones, and audio systems, demonstrates its “commitment to premium quality, earth friendly products that embody Bob Marley’s vision”.

Made from natural, earth-friendly and renewable materials in their products and packaging, such as sustainably sourced FSC-certified woods, organic cotton and recyclable aluminium. Marley products also support “1Love”, which is the Marley family charitable organisation, which is dedicated to supporting youth, planet and peace.

The House of Marley products feature the Marley “Signature” Sound, producing audio products with smooth, powerful bass, mids with stunning presence, and an energised high-end that brings songs to life.

House of Marley – Smile Jamaica  "fire", "rasta" & "lily" in-ear headphones

Small and simple, these noise-isolating earbuds have sensationally deep bass tones. Including 3 sizes of ear tips, and a 52” fabric cord helps reduces tangles and is specially engineered to cut down on static so you get super clear sound.

House of Marley – “Redemption Song” & “Zion Midnight” in-ear headphones with 3 button Microphone

Pure authenticity in premium earbuds with bass is what you get with Redemption Song and Zion Midnight. Polished FSC-certified wood, durable fabric cable, grip notches – there’s not one detail missed. And the sound is just like the design: real. Every note is heard just as it was intended, especially the bass.

The headphone’s fabric covered cable features an inline ‘3 Button Mic’ microphone to take calls on the go or check with Siri on your pace. Simply click the button to change the tune. The gold-plated 3.5mm headphone plug provides compatibility with a variety of MP3 players, CD players, laptops and other devices.


House of Marley – On Ear Headphones – “Postitive Vibration”, “Revolution Midnight”, “Buffalo Soldier” & “Riddim Midnight”

On ear design for exceptional comfort even during long listening sessions, delivering the listener with energy, emotion, inflection, nuance and the attitude of the original performance. Featuring lightweight padded headbands, made from natural canvas, the House of Marley headphones also have a fabric covered cable to prevent tangles, a 3 button microphone and a travel bag for convenient storage and transportation.

House of Marley – Over Ear Headphones – “Rise Up” & “Rise Up Saddle”

Natural materials and unique styling some together in this innovative and inspired design to allow the “Rise Up” headphones ultimate comfort and enjoyment. Bamboo-fibre ear cushions are soft and cool to the touch, with sound isolating design for full immersion. Featuring a fabric covered cable and 3 button microphone so you can take calls on the go, the “Rise Up” also includes is a travel bag for convenient storage and transportation.

House of Marley – Over Ear Headphones – “Trenchtown Rock Iron”

These superior noise-cancelling headphones are the culmination of natural materials and technology coming together to make beautiful music. Stainless steel, leather and high-quality recycled aluminum blend to create a striking, sophisticated look. And the performance meets that look. With battery powered noise-canceling headphones, it reproduces an intimate, authentic sound that lets you truly feel the music. It’s an experience that will satisfy the soul.

Including a 52” fabric covered cord to reduce cord tangles a 1 button microphone to take calls and/or change your tune, and a travel bag for storage and transportation.

House of Marley – “Get Up StandUp - Bag of Riddim” Portable Station

Take your music with you with the portable and powerful “Bag of Riddim”. Its’ unique design uses a canvas carry bag with shoulder strap for easy transportation to wherever you need great sound. An integrated iPhone and iPod dock provides simple docking and charging for your Apple device and the convenient auxiliary input lets you connect many other phones and music players. “Bag of Riddim” delivers enough bass to fill a room, a backyard barbeque or a beach party with powerful and lively sound. Dual 4” speakers, two 1-inch tweeters at 32 watts and DSP Sound Processing reproduces strong, high-quality high and low sounds.


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