Have you mounted your TV yet?

Have you mounted your television on the wall yet? If not, why not? There are great benefits of mounting your television on the wall. Not only will you have more space in the room, but you can also avoid the expense of buying furniture just to sit your television on.


A few things to consider when selecting the right bracket for your TV.

  1. 1. How big is your TV?
  2. 2. How heavy is it? (Generally a plasma screen will weigh more than an LCD)
  3. 3. Where is it to be positioned? i.e: Is it near a window or light source?
  4. 4. What function do you want from your television once it is mounted?
  5. 5. Are there any manufacturers’ requirements for wall mounting? i.e: distance from the wall recommended.


TV Brackets come in the following types:

Low Profile / Slimline:- This is a fixed bracket which mounts your TV like a photo frame. There is limited movement or tilting facility.

PLB102M Black

Tilting:- These brackets allow a tilt of up to 15%, which is ideal if you need to adjust the face of the screen to compensate for glare from a window or light source. The ability to tilt your television can also be helpful when watching TV in bed or sitting on the couch.

PLB103M Black

Full/Part Motion:- These brackets come in either single or double arm options. A single arm is ideal for swinging the face of the television toward the centre of the room when mounted in a corner. The double arm allows you to swing the face of the television either left or right dependent on where you wish to view it from. Motion brackets cost a little more, but are well worth the extra!



How big should my bracket be?

It’s important to know the size of your TV, and the distance between the mounting points at the back of your television (known as the VESA pattern). All brackets have specifications based on size and weight of what will be attached to it. Armed with this information, you can now start narrowing down the models that suit your need. For example, my TV is a 50 inch LCD. I want to mount it above my entertainment unit.  I want to be able to view it from my dining table which is offset in the room, but sometimes I may want to view it in the kitchen too, which on the opposite side. I decide to use a dual arm full motion bracket, so I can angle the TV left and right, based on where I am in the room at the time. It is rated for up to 110kg, so I know from my TV specs, that this bracket will be more than enough for my need.

Whether you have a small TV in your kitchen or bathroom, or an enormous screen in your family room, a wall bracket is a great way to not only improve your viewing, but is a fantastic design element giving you extra space in your home.

If you are still a little unsure which style to go for, check out: The Full Range of Selby Brackets

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