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Got a Budding Musician or YouTube Star in the Family?

Posted on 5 October 2016 by Monique There have been 0 comments

Focusrite's new 2nd-generation "Scarlett" USB audio interfaces let you record and playback audio from input devices (microphones, musical instruments etc) directly to your PC or Mac, which will dramatically improve your sound quality to the same level as a professional recording studio.

The included software (Pro Tools First & Ableton Live Lite) lets you easily edit your recordings to a professional level right in your own home. From the great value starter pack right through to the high-end model (rack mountable with 18-in and 20-out), there is something for everyone from beginner to pro!


Focusrite Scarlett 2i2

focusrite-scarlett-2i2-2-01_1 crop   focusrite-scarlett-2i2-2-05_1 crop

Perfect for recording two mics at once
This is Focusrite's compact yet versatile 2-in, 2-out USB audio interface. It gives singer-songwriters two natural-sounding Scarlett mic preamps and the same class-leading sound quality and digital conversion as the rest of the latest Scarlett range. Take it anywhere, connect by USB, plug your mics and guitars straight in, and simply start recording. Shop Focusrite 2i2


Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Studio Pack

focusrite-scarlett-2i2-studio-2-01 b

Everything you need to make studio-quality recordings from home
You could spend another evening comparing equipment online. Or you could spend it recording your demo. Scarlett 2i2 Studio Pack gives you everything you need to easily make studio-quality music on Mac or PC.

Studio Pack Includes:

Scarlett 2i2 - The top selling USB interface in the world, for recording studio-quality audio.

Headphones - HP60 closed-back studio headphones for blocking out background noise.

Microphone - CM25 large diaphragm condenser mic for capturing crystal clear sound.

Mic Cable - a 3 metre XLR mic cable and stand clip.

Shop Focusrite 2i2 Studio Pack


Focusrite Scarlett 2i4

focusrite-scarlett-2i4-2-02 crop   focusrite-scarlett-2i4-2-05 crop

Ideal for anyone who needs a cue mix for performing or recording
Focusrite's compact and flexible 2-in, 4-out USB audio interface makes it easy to perform and record studio quality audio against a cue mix. Take it anywhere, connect by USB and get two natural-sounding Scarlett mic preamps, super-low latency, MIDI I/O, four analogue outputs and the same class-leading sound quality and digital conversion as the rest of the latest Scarlett range.

Shop Focusrite 2i4


Focusrite Scarlett 6i6

focusrite-scarlett-6i6-2-03 crop   focusrite-scarlett-6i6-2-05 crop

Ideal for multi-instrumentalists, producers and small bands
Focusrite's latest generation 6-in, 6-out USB audio interface is perfect for anybody who wants more than two analogue inputs: multi-instrumentalists, producers, recording artists, and small bands who want to record vocals, guitar and keyboards simultaneously. It gives you four analogue inputs with two Scarlett mic preamps, four analogue outputs and two separate headphone outputs, so you can give different headphone mixes to different artists, or an engineer and an artist.  Shop Focusrite 6i6


Focusrite Scarlett 18i8

focusrite-scarlett-18i8-2-01 crop   focusrite-scarlett-18i8-2-05 crop

Record whatever you want, whenever you want
Focusrite's latest generation 18-in, 8-out USB interface is ideal for multi-instrumentalists, producers and small bands who want to record audio from a wide range of sources such as drums, guitars, keyboards and vocals. It's their most comprehensive desktop interface, giving you four mic preamps, round-trip latency as low as 2.74ms*, class-leading sound quality, and two separate headphone outputs, so you can give different monitoring settings to two artists, or an engineer and artist. It's also expandable over ADAT.  Shop Focusrite 18i8


Focusrite Scarlett 18i20

focusrite-scarlett-18i20-2-02 crop   focusrite-scarlett-18i20-2-05 crop

Handle Anything That Comes Your Way
Focusrite's latest-generation 18-in, 20-out USB audio interface can handle just about anything your band or studio can throw at it. Beautiful and rack-mountable, it gives you loads of I/O, pristine sound quality, separate stereo headphone mixes, extensive expansion options and round-trip latency as low as 2.74ms*, all in a 1U space.  Shop Focusrite 18i20

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