Game stand - for consoles, games & accessories

It can be really frustrating to find games, discs, controllers and accessories laying all about the house. This is such a common problem for gamers, and those with kids who love gaming. Now there’s no excuse. This cleverly designed storage unit is perfect for storing your Nintendo Wii, Playstation3 and Xbox 360, plus accessories (games, controllers, etc). Your consoles can be placed in the bottom shelf, while the upper shelves allow you store approximately 80 games. Hooks on the sides allow you to hang up four controllers (for Playstation or Xbox) and two guitars (for Guitar Hero, Rock Band, etc).

Designed to hold:
- Games consoles
- Approx 80 games
- 4x Playstation/Xbox controllers
- 2x guitars (for Guitar Hero, Rock Band, etc)


- Arrives flat-packed so you save on postage
- Colour: black and silver

- Height: 1255mm
- Width (at base): 330mm
- Depth: 290mm

Please Note:
This product arrives flat-packed, assembly is required. Game consoles, games and accessories are for illustrative purposes only and are not included with this storage unit.

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