Flat HDMI for Easy Access

Flat HDMI for easy access

An acronym for “High Definition Multimedia Interface”, HDMI is slowly replacing many other types of cables connecting audio visual equipment. Available in “standard” or “high speed”, HDMI cables are capable of transferring uncompressed video data and both compressed and uncompressed digital audio data. HDMI is a digital replacement for existing analog video standards. Are flat HDMI cables for you?

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Most of us are used to the typical HDMI cables which are round, but now they are also being manufactured as flat, ribbon style versions. There are numerous benefits to going with the flat cables which may make you think twice before you buy your next HDMI cable.


  1. 1. Flat cables remove the crosstalk that some round versions have. A round cable’s internal wires wrap around each other, whereas a flat cable’s internal wires are spread flat across the width of the cable.


  1. 2. Flat cables are easier to work with, because a flat cable will bend around corners making it easier to squeeze in behind those really slim spaces. This is especially convenient when you want to mount your slim-line television as close to the wall as possible without your cable getting in the way.


  1. 3. The slim profile of a flat HDMI also makes them perfect for running around door frames, skirting boards and under carpets or rugs. They are super easy to hide behind your devices too!


As well as a full range of round HDMI cables, Selby are pleased to now offer a range of flat HDMI cables – High speed with Ethernet HEC Full HD, in lengths of 1metre, 1.5metre, 2metres, 3metres, 4metres and 5metres. Suitable for any HDMI device, these Flat HDMI’s include ARC and are suitable for in-wall applications.

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