Easter Renovations - Mount your TV

Whether you want to mount that TV which has been propped up on your favourite table, or to install those in-ceiling speakers you have been meaning to do for months, now is the time to get organised. Who needs another reason to put it off?

So you want to mount your TV on a Wall Bracket?

You will need:

  1. Mounting Bracket (Selby Brackets include fixings to suit most situations)
  2. Electric drill
  3. Tape Measure
  4. Pencil
  5. Spirit Level
  6. Stud Finder
  7. Screwdriver

  Check out our blog here for instructions When selecting the mounting bracket to suit your needs, have a think about what you want your television to do. Do you want it fixed flat on the wall, or do you want it to be able to tilt, generic cheap cialis move or adjust once mounted? Check out our blog here on selecting the right bracket.   View Selby Wall Mounts Online