Drumming Up the Beat

Did you know that Selby have a fantastic beginner’s drum kit available in-store and online. It includes 5 drums (bass, snare, two toms and floor tom), a crash/ride cymbal and hi-hats. Together with laminated timber drum shells and chrome hardware, this kit looks great. The included stool, snare stand, hi-hat stand and cymbal stand are all double braced for extra strength. The hi-hat pedal and bass drum pedal are both chain driven. Together with a range of accessories, now you can set up your whole drum kit.

Included in the kit are:
- 14" Snare
- 12" High Tom
- 13" High Tom
- 16" Floor Tom
- 22" Bass Drum
- Bass/Kick Pedal
- Hi-Hat Cymbals
- Hi-Hat Stand with Pedal
- Crash/Ride Cymbal
- Cymbal Stand
- Snare Stand
- Adjustable Stool
- Drum Sticks

Also available from the Selby site are individual components for your Drum Kit.

Cymbal Stand CC3114

Cymbal Boom Stand CB3514

Pro Cymbal Stand CC3460

Pro Cymbal Boom Stand CB3660

Snare Drum Stand SS1114

Pro Snare Drum Stand SS1460

Hi Hat Stand HS2114

Pro Hi Hat Stand HS2A60

Drum Throne Stool TR5316

Pro Drum Throne Stool TR5410

Ultimate Drum Throne Stool TR5450

Single Bass Drum Pedal PD4216

Pro Single Bass Drum Pedal PD4451

Ultimate Single Bass Drum Pedal PD4480

Double Bass Drum Pedal PD4848

Pro Double Bass Drum Pedal PD4950

Ultimate Double Bass Drum Pedal PD4980

Drum Kit Silence Practice Pads SP0010

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