Drift - In Cinemas May 2nd

If you love a good surf movie, you may want to put this in your diary. Starring Sam Worthington and set in Western Australia in the 70s, Drift is the story of the Kelly brothers, Andy and Jimmy whose passion for surfing massive waves sets the backdrop for big changes in their lives.

When the brothers moved from Sydney, they spent a decade looking for the high of catching the best waves. Jimmy who has natural surfing ability finds himself drawn into a darker world of crime in the hope he can help bring his family out of heavy debt. Andy sees Jimmy’s struggle, and takes a leap of faith in his brothers surf inventions and his own business acumen by quitting his stable job and setting up a surf gear business from their backyard. Selling their own designed surfboards and wetsuits from their van they are living the surf dream.

Local success arrives, broadening their circle of friends and an expansion of their business, but this is all put in danger when the criminal elements begin to creep into their lives again.

Based on the story of Australian surfwear legends amongst the stunning backdrop of Margaret River WA, this tells the tale of family, friendship, loyalty and fear. Together with the will and courage to take the risk and beat the odds, Drift pulls you into the world of the Kelly brothers and has you willing for their triumph.

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