Ask our Selby Techs

Audio visual, home theatre and electronics can be confusing at times. How does this work? What do I need to do that? Each week, we speak on the phone and communicate via email and newsletter to thousands of people who have questions about their home entertainment issues.

We write about products and technologies that are current and help answer questions we hear in store on a daily basis. We love hearing what you are doing in your home and helping you find the right solution for your individual situation, which is why we are introducing a new topic in our weekly newsletter.

“Ask our Techs”, will allow our readers to ask for a topic to be covered or a Selby product to be explained in further detail. This is your opportunity to read more about what you’re really interested in and indeed read about areas that some of our other readers are involved in. Hopefully we will also be able to share some success stories from our customers, whether it’s boasting about how awesome your finished project looks or how you improved your set-up.

To submit your topics suggestion, please email your requests to

Each week, we will address one of the topics suggested by our readers.

Please remember that if you have any specific questions you need answered, we recommend you call our Selby Techs directly on 1800 69 2225 or email: and your email or call will be answered personally.