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Achieving a professional finish using wallplates

Posted on 5 April 2013 by Monique There have been 0 comments


Wall plates are a silent hero of the Home Theatre. Whilst we spend a lot of time researching which speakers to buy, or how big our screen should be, it may surprise you that this simple little device can be the finishing touch that makes your home theatre or lounge room look like a professional installation.

Available in numerous combinations, wall plates allow you to securely attach your cables and wires behind a neat and simple plate. Wall plates can have single or multiple connections so you can run all of your cables discretely through the walls or ceiling.

Installation is as simple as fishing your cables through your wall, and then plugging them in or terminating them to the connections at the back of your wall plate. Screw the plate into the wall, then snap the plate cover back on, and you have yourself a neat plate to connect all your devices to, rather than several cables climbing up your walls, or down your ceiling.

Types of Wall Plates:

AV – including wall plates for VGA, antenna, HDMI, Toslink, phone line, composite video, component video and more


Speaker -  the ideal solution to terminating your speaker wires. Available in combinations for single speakers, to multiple

speakers on one plate.





Home Networking - available with network cable and/or antenna connections, these plates give you a solid connection to connect your cables.


Custom plates – available in black and white, these beauties give you total flexibility to design your wall plate to your personal situation. If you need 6 speaker cable terminals 2 network terminals, no problem. Simply purchase the components individually. There are even options for USB, HDMI, RCA, S-Video, Cat 6 and more.




Bullnose – available in black and white, these handy plates allow you to keep your cables under control. These are the easiest way to run your cables through the wall. Bullnose wall plates are also available in reverse, which recesses the nose into the wall.

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