A Walk in the Woods - In Cinemas 3rd September

Robert Redford plays author Bill Bryson, who is looking for adventure after living his last 20 years in Britain. With approval from his wife played by Emma Thompson, Bill decides to return to the United States in an attempt to reconnect with his homeland. Hoping to find peace, tranquility and bigger purpose to his life, Bill decides to trek the 2,200 miles of the spectacular Appalachian Trail.


His wife refuses to allow him to trek solo, however finding a hiking mate to undertake such an enormous feat proves difficult. Eventually he reconnects with former friend Stephen Katz played by Nick Nolte. Katz is down on his luck, known for being able to charm his way out of any situation, and sees the trek as an opportunity to avoid some legal problems he has on the go.


A Walk in the Woods is a “mid-life crisis” movie of sorts, despite Bill leading a successful and fulfilling life. He is very happily married, has a large contented family and many would think that there couldn’t possibly be anything to search for. His decision to go on this enormous adventure to find what’s missing in his life leads to an enlightenment that he couldn’t have foreseen.

"Now they're about to find out that when you push yourself to the edge, the real fun begins."

A Walk in the Woods is in cinemas nationally 3rd September