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  1. Preamps 101: What are they, and do I need one?

    What is a Preamp?

    A preamplifier is used for recording audio; it boosts an audio signal by increasing the signal gain. The signal that comes from an instrument, such as a guitar, bass, synthesizer, or microphone, is too weak to be processed by a DAW. This is why these signals are referred to as ‘mic-level’ or ‘instrument-level’. Processing gear requires audio at a higher volume, or line-level signals. To raise the volume of a signal, a preamp takes the audio through a process known as “gain staging”. This means it increases a signal volume while minimizing the noise level to help you achieve the best signal-to-noise ratio.

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  2. Tips for Perfect Speaker Placement

    Proper placement of your home speakers is essential to getting the full hifi audio experience. If you've invested a significant sum of money into your speaker system, you want to be able to hear the full capabilities of your equipment, and placement can have a large effect on sound quality, especially when it comes to music. There are a variety of factors to consider during speaker placement to get a full, crisp sound from your hifi speakers.

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