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  1. Pedestal Speaker Stands

    Getting your speakers set up right can be tricky, and knowing where and how to place the different types can sometimes be challenging. Pedestal stands are ideal for placing bookshelf speakers on, because they allow your speakers to be lifted off the floor. Often used as the rear speakers in a 5.1, 7.1, 9.1 or alternate setup, pedestal stands position these speakers at a height better suited to your listening experience.

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  2. 6 Steps for Wiring a Banana Plug

    Wiring Banana Plugs in 6 Steps

    While using bare wire is a perfectly acceptable way to connect your equipment, banana plugs are simple and convenient adaptors which make it quick and easy to connect and disconnect your speaker cable with your receiver/amplifier. As well as being an easy way to connect, installing banana plugs can also improve the connections between your equipment.

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  3. What does a Centre Speaker do?

    Surround Sound Series: What does a Centre Speaker do?

    So you’re thinking about setting up a 5.1 Surround Sound system? There is a lot of information available about speaker types and speaker placement which can be overwhelming. Over the next few weeks we would like to focus on the types of speakers which are part of a 5.1 system, and their role in giving you excellent sound. By understanding the basics of the “job” each speaker has, it will make it easier for you to get the best possible result. Today we'll talk about the "Centre Speaker".

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  4. Why use a Digital Audio to Stereo Converter

    Picture this... you have just bought a brand new TV, the picture is fantastic and the screen is enormous. Overall, you are truly impressed with your purchase…that is until you turn the volume up. The sound you hear can be described as thin and harsh with really poor bass. Due to the sleek design of most TVs on the market these days, their slim chassis only allows for small speakers which tends to produce poor sound and equally poor dynamics. A digital audio converter could be the answer.

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  5. "Gamesters" Headsets - Xbox, PS3, PS4, PC, Laptops

    These "Gamesters" headsets are lightweight and feature comfortable ear cups with soft padding. They are also perfect for other applications such as recording podcasts, making Skype calls or listening to music, which makes them pretty versatile.

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  6. Switchers & Splitters - What's the Difference?

    As your Home Theatre or AV set up grows, you will find that the capabilities of your system will also. You may think that all the extra gadgets and options are just for those who are real enthusiasts; however there are great reasons why these “extras” are perfect for the everyday person. Switchers and splitters are more of those little devices that can make your home theatre set up so much easier to control. But which is used for what purpose?

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  7. Everest - In Cinemas 17th September

    Sure to be a gripping film experience, Everest tells the story of the 1996 disaster when eight climbers were caught in a huge blizzard during their summit climb. Mount Everest in Nepal, the tallest mountain on Earth has always been the ultimate challenge for serious climbers who travel the globe aiming to conquer the world’s tallest peaks.

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  8. Watch the Grand Final on your own BIG projector screen

    Where will you be the first weekend in October? Whichever code of footy you follow, wouldn’t it be great to have all your mates around watching it on your big screen. By installing a projector package with a screen anywhere from 80 inches to 150 inches, the whole neighbourhood can come over to watch.

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  9. 5 Tips for Better Speaker Performance

    Whether you have the cheapest or the most expensive of speakers, everyone can get a little more out of them. Even a moderately priced system can deliver excellent performance when properly set up in a good listening room. With just a few simple tips and tweeks, you should be able to achieve an improved audio experience. Today we have 5 tips you can try to get a “sweeter” sound.

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