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  1. Which Bracket for my 40" Flatscreen TV?

    Televisions have been getting thinner and larger for years now, with many homes having at least one “flatscreen” TV. Most flatscreens come with their own stand which means you will most likely use a solid piece of furniture for them to sit on to manage a comfortable viewing height. Although this is a popular solution, they are also a lot lighter than the old bulky TVs which lend themselves nicely to wall mounting.

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  2. Cinderella - In Cinemas Now

    In a visual feast for children and adults of all ages, this adaptation of the ageless fairy-tale is sure to breathe new life into an old story. Ella is a young girl living on a beautiful estate with her wealthy parents. Especially close with her mother, they share a love of fantasy and embrace the existence of magic. Ella befriends many of the animals on the estate and enjoys an enchanted life, until the death of her mother.

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  3. Shure Over Ear Headphones


    Shure SRH440 Headphones The SRH440 Professional Studio Headphones from Shure provide exceptional sound reproduction and comfort. Optimized for home and studio recording, SRH440 headphones reproduce accurate audio across an extended range. Impedance, power handling and sensitivity are all calibrated for professional audio devices such as DJ mixers, mixing consoles, and headphone amplifier. Includes carrying bag and threaded 1/4" (6.3mm) gold plated adapter. Key Features: - Enhanced frequency response delivers accurate audio across an extended

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  4. Professional Display - Business Projectors

    Making presentations and visual displays has always been an integral part of many business and educational activities. In the past we used the good old slide system which let us project images onto a wall or screen, and also overhead projectors which allowed us to print or copy words and images onto sheets of plastic and enlarge them using the unusually shaped reflection device.

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  5. Easter Projects: Extras to do the job

    Sometimes it’s easy to forget all those little extras you need to get the job done. Although just a few of the numerous items available online, we’ve made a list of the most popular items that will be used this Easter. Ensure your project is not left unfinished by planning ahead. From HDMI cables, wall plates, speaker wire, cable tool kits etc, you can find it all online from Selby.

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  6. Easter Projects: Projector Packs

    How would you feel if you could relax with the family or your mates over Easter enjoying your favourite movies on your own big screen? Many people think that a Home Theatre is out of their price range, and that it will always be something left on the wish list. The good news is that over time, home theatre components, especially projectors have become more affordable than ever before. For what you used to pay for an average quality lounge room television, you can now enjoy your very own cinema experience in your own home. With our easy to customise packages, you can have your system for as little as $1349, which includes your projector, projector screen, mounting bracket and HDMI cable.

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  7. Easter Projects: Mount your TV

    With Easter around the corner, many people see this as an opportunity to get some of those Home Renovation Projects out of the way. This involves planning and preparation to make sure you have all the gear ready to go BEFORE the Easter long weekend. This week, we want to help you start thinking about all the bits & pieces you may need to finish the task.

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  8. Easter Projects - Wiring a Banana Plug in 6 steps

    While using bare wire is a perfectly acceptable way to connect your equipment, banana plugs are simple and convenient adaptors which make it quick and easy to connect and disconnect your speaker cable with your receiver/amplifier. As well as being an easy way to connect, installing banana plugs can also improve the connections between your equipment.

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  9. What is Airplay?

    What is AirPlay?

    AirPlay (previously called AirTunes when it was for audio only) developed by Apple, allows wireless streaming of audio, video and photos. When it was first released, Airplay was only able to be received within Apple devices, but now third party manufacturers have been licensed to include the technology within their devices, including Onkyo receivers.

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  10. Samsung Wireless 4.2 Sound Stand - HW-H600

    With soundbars being in the audio visual space for awhile now, manufacturers are always looking for a new way to offer technology. The Samsung Sound Stand is a relatively new addition to the market with an obvious visual difference to a soundbar. Sound stands, sometimes referred to as sound bases or sound plates are less intrusive than a soundbar, with a sleek low profile which takes up less space, whilst sitting directly under the TV. The Samsung HW-H600 offers 4.2 channels and can hold TVs from 32” to 60” weighing up to 35kg.

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