1. Onkyo A-9030 Integrated Stereo Amplifier

    For those taking their first steps into the world of hi-fi audio, there’s no better component to start with than the A-9030 Integrated Stereo Amplifier. Featuring Onkyo’s Wide Range Amp Technology—augmented by Three-Stage Inverted Darlington Circuitry to reduce distortion and increase driving power—the low negative feedback design breathes life into your recordings, where conventional amps sound flat and dull by comparison.

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  2. John Wick - In Cinemas Now

    John Wick

    In a chance encounter with a group

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    of Russian gang members led by Iosef Tarasov, John puts them offside, becoming a target for petty retribution. Iosef, is the son of Viggo Tarasov, the head of a New York Russian crime syndicate who once employed Wick. He steals Wick’s prized Mustang and tries to sell it to a chop

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  3. Accessories for your Guitar

    If you play an instrument, you are more than aware of the time, energy and passion which is invested in enjoying your music. If you are a guitarist, Selby have some accessories to help tweek your set up.

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  4. What is Audio Return Channel?

    Audio Return Channel, often referred to as ARC, is a very practical feature that has become popular since the evolution of the HDMI v1.4 (also known as high speed cable with Ethernet). Essentially ARC allows the audio signal to be transferred from your television back up to your receiver at the same time a signal is being sent from your receiver to your television. This means a separate audio cable is not necessary from your television to your receiver. Typically a digital optical or digital coaxial would be used to transfer the audio signal from your tv to the receiver.

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  5. Ugly HDMI

    Most AV devices now come with HDMI inputs or outputs these days. Selecting the right quality cable can sometimes be a bit confusing. Today we would like to introduce you to or remind you of the Ugly brand of cables and connectors, to give you an idea of the wide variety of these quality cables available.

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  6. Fury - In Cinemas Now


    The crew have been together for a while, and struggle to warm to the new recruit Norman because of his inexperience and compassion towards the Germans. To break his innocence, Wardaddy makes him shoot a captive German

    soldier. Wardaddy and Norman begin to strengthen their bond after some success in capturing a small German town. We watch as the crew are challenged

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  7. Selby Acoustic Guitar

    This Selby acoustic guitar is a nicely finished full size 41" acoustic guitar which is ideal for beginners and students. Quality manufacturing with spruce plywood top, nato (eastern mahogany) neck, rosewood plywood back & sides, rosewood fingerboard & bridge, and die-cast chrome machine heads, this acoustic guitar produces a great sound.

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  8. Jamo - In Wall Subwoofer

    Subtlety and discretion are often pre-requisites for a minimalist look in home theatre set-ups. There are lots of options available for other speakers, but it’s less common for the subwoofer category. This stylish Jamo in wall subwoofer completes the look and the sound perfectly.

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  9. Simon Tabinor - Round 8 - Wakefield Park

    Changing from his Ford, now driving a VT Commodore for Team selby.com.au, Simon Tabinor has also changed class from the Australian V8 Touring Car Series, now driving in the Australian Super Six Touring Car Series. Simon’s next races are coming up this weekend with practice starting today, race one tomorrow Saturday 18th and races two and three on Sunday 19th October at Wakefield Park Raceway.

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  10. Krix 40th Anniversary - Limited Edition

    Krix - Anniversary Edition

    The cabinet has undergone a complete aesthetic facelift. The trademark Neuphonix baffle scallop around the tweeter has been emphasised and

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