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  1. Smart Cases for iPad 2, 3 & 4 - Now Only $9.95 (incl. FREE Shipping)

    Selby Smart Case for iPad - BlackSelby Smart Case for iPad - PinkSelby Smart Case for iPad - Grey

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  2. What is an Inline Mic?

    What is an Inline Mic?

    When you are looking for headphones or earbuds, sometimes you will notice that one of the features offered is the incorporation of an “Inline Mic”. For some, the reason for this feature will be obvious, but others may be left scratching their heads.

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  3. Can I Mount a TV Outdoors?

    Can I Mount a TV Outdoors?

    Over the last 20 years or so, we have seen a surge in “Outdoor Entertaining” areas in new and renovated homes. This means different things to different people. You may find that the barbeque and a few deck chairs is all you need, however for many this has seen the outdoors become an extension of the inside and indeed another “room”. Entertaining or relaxing outdoors also sees us looking to incorporate technology that typically stayed inside, outside.

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  4. Explaining HDMI Cable Versions

    Explaining HDMI Cable Versions

    There is a lot of confusion about HDMI versions. Which HDMI cable do you need? v1.3, v1.3c, v1.4, v1.4a? What about for 3D?

    Over the years, as HDMI has developed, many different version numbers have been available. Naturally, the latest version has always been the most expensive for consumers -- and the most profitable for retailers, so the retailers will generally push these latest versions as a "must have" or, in the case of cables, "the only way to get your new TV/projector/blu-ray/etc to work properly". Most of the time this is simply untrue.

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  5. What is the Digital Cliff?

    What is the Digital Cliff?

    Now that Australia has transitioned to digital television, and analogue has been “switched off”, you will notice some digital behaviours that are different from its predecessor. Instead of being trapped in “snow”, you may find your TV reception falling off the “digital cliff”. So what is the “Digital Cliff?”

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  6. Explaining Aspect Ratio

    Do you know what the aspect ratio of your TV or Projector Screen is? If you do, then chances are you are pretty up to date with the variety of options available. If you don’t, then we’d like to bring you up to speed on what aspect ratio is as well as the history behind it. Aspect Ratio is simply a numerical way to describe the width to height ratio of a rectangular image.

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  7. 4 Steps to ensure your Guitar Case is the perfect fit

    2. The next measurement required is the widest point of the headstock. 3. To ensure a snug fit for your guitar, you will need to take 3 measurements from the body, being the 2 widest parts and the narrowest dimension.

    4. Now, it is as simple as matching these

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  8. What to include in your Home Theatre

    We would all love to reach into our wallet and have no problem in taking home the latest and the greatest in home theatre. Unfortunately most of us have financial limitations, and our money has a long way to stretch. In reality, you don’t need to take out a second mortgage to have your very own, excellent sounding Home Theatre set up.

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  9. Made in America - In Cinemas Now

    The latest documentary from Oscar winning director Ron Howard, "Made in America" follows the rapper Jay Z in 2012 as he plans and performs with dozens of artists in a music festival spanning various genres. Jay Z hopes to uplift the American people who are struggling through a crippling recession by coordinating and performing a two-day concert in the "birthplace of American Independence", Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

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  10. Connecting multiple HDMI devices with only one input

    Does your HDTV only have one HDMI input, and you would like to connect your DVD player, game console, PVR and other devices without having to manually swap cables every time you need to use a different device? No one wants to squeeze behind the TV to change the cable. It’s not good for the lifespan of your cables either. Connecting multiple HDMI devices to only one HDMI input is easy if you use an HDMI switch box. A HDMI switch box is a device that allows you to connect your HDMI devices without having to manually swap cables every time you need to use a different HDMI device.

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