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  1. Satellite Speaker Stands

    Satellite Speaker Stands

    If you are trying to achieve better sound from your satellite or micro speakers, you will know the importance of making sure they are clear from resonant influences such as shelves or tables. When they are simply placed on a surface, they can suffer distortion from vibrations, which muddies the audio output. By mounting them on a specialised stand such as the SS01 you can also ensure that your satellites are positioned at roughly ear height. This is important because it aligns the woofers and tweeters where you will achieve a better balance of sound.

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  2. The Digital Switch - Are you ready?

    STRONG HD Set Top Box

    To keep receiving free-to-air TV after the digital switchover, you will need a television that can receive digital signals (built-in digital tuner). It is not necessary to purchase a new television, because almost all current analogue televisions will be capable of receiving a digital signal with the help of a digital set top box or digital TV recorder. You will need one of these devices per analogue television you want to convert. If you are not sure whether your television has a built-in digital tuner, you can easily check.

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  3. Better Posture with a Laptop Stand

    With the move to convenient portable devices and laptops over fixed desktop computers, one area that seems to be suffering is our posture. “Ergonomic” is a term that has been used for decades now, but how many of us simply dismiss the importance of it and simply get on with the task at hand. Laptop stands improve your posture when using a laptop or notebook computer. They encourage good posture by raising your laptop’s screen to a better ergonomic height. They can help eliminate neck and back pain that could be experienced by having to look down for extended periods of time.

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  4. 5 Tips for better Speaker Performance

    5 Tips for Better Speaker Performance

    Whether you have the cheapest or the most expensive of speakers, everyone can get a little more out of them. Even a moderately priced system can deliver excellent performance when properly set up in a good listening room. With just a few simple tips and tweeks, you should be able to achieve an improved audio experience. Today we have 5 tips you can try to get a “sweeter” sound.

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  5. Streaming vs Downloading - What's the difference?

    Streaming - Downloading - What's the difference?

    Most of us have got the whole DVD and Blu-ray thing worked out, but with the evolution of online streaming and downloading it’s time to go to school to learn how these new technologies work. If you’ve got it all sorted, chances are you know which option works best for you. If you have no idea what these concepts are or which way to go, stay tuned because you might just find your world opening up!

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  6. New! TAGA Harmony Surround Sound Speakers

    TAGA Harmony 306 Surround Sound Speaker Set Slim and elegant, the 306 Series are ideal for those looking to venture into surround sound, offering an extremely smooth performance along all frequencies.

    TAGA Harmony 406 Surround Sound Speaker Set

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  7. 6 Tips when Mounting your Flat Screen TV

    6 Tips when Mounting your Flat Screen TV

    One of the great benefits of having a slimline flat screen television is the ability to mount it on the wall. There are a couple of things you need to do before buying your bracket. You will need to know the size and weight of your television. You will also need to see what the mounting pattern at the back of your TV is as this will also determine which bracket to use. Once you have determined the size, weight and hole pattern of your television, you will need to determine the function you need from your bracket. Do you want it fixed, tiltable or full motion. (See our blog on bracket types)

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  8. What is HDMI Pass-through?

    What is HDMI Pass-through?

    HDMI pass-through is a function which is pretty handy but many people are unaware what it really does. HDMI pass-through passes a video and audio signal from an HD source such as a Blu-ray player or an HD set top box to your home theatre system via an HDMI cable. The home theatre plays the audio from the HD source through its own speakers and sends just the unaltered video signal to a TV through a second HDMI cable.

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  9. Which Antenna Connectors do I need?

    One of the most common questions our Techs get asked about is which connector or lead they need to use to connect their Antenna to their television. It may seem like a simple question to those familiar with the process, but sometimes it’s those simple things that can confuse us. Today we wanted to give you an explanation of the parts required to complete the job.

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  10. What's inside your speaker?

    What's inside your speaker?

    Have you ever wondered what's going on inside your speaker? Although there are certainly different types of speakers in terms of size, quality and price, essentially the components are pretty similar. These are the basics.

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