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  1. Home Theatre vs Data Projector

    With such a wide variety of projectors on the market, it can often be confusing to know what kind will suit your need. Are you looking at something with business or educational presentations in mind, or do you want to create the cinema experience at home. Sometimes you may have the need for both applications. Although you will find that most projectors are adequate for either, it is certain that if you select the projector designed for the purpose, you will be much happier with the result.

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  2. What is projector screen gain?

    A screen with a gain of 1.0 will reflect the same amount of light as from a matte white board. A screen rated at 1.5 gain will reflect 50% more light as from a matte white board, a rating of 2 means the screens’ surface reflects twice as much (200%). A screen with 0.8 gain will reflect 80% of the light as from a matte white board. Many manufacturers or sellers promote the benefits of particular high screen gain or low screen gain, however it is easy to incorrectly presume that high is better that low. Although higher reflectivity does mean a brighter image, not all applications benefit from a brighter image. Those that suit a higher screen gain include conference rooms

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  3. Drumming Up the Beat

    Did you know that Selby have a fantastic beginner’s drum kit available in-store and online. It includes 5 drums (bass, snare, two toms and floor tom), a crash/ride cymbal and hi-hats. Together with laminated timber drum shells and chrome hardware, this kit looks great. The included stool, snare stand, hi-hat stand and cymbal stand are all double braced for extra strength. The hi-hat pedal and bass drum pedal are both chain driven. Together with a range of accessories, now you can set up your whole drum kit.

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  4. What is Home Theatre in a Box?

    Popular for their "all-in-one" approach, Home Theatre in a Box lets you enjoy

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  5. Wiring a Banana Plug in 6 Steps

    Here’s how it’s done. 1.

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  6. Thor - The Dark World - In Cinemas 31st October

    The film is set one year after the events from the last Avengers movie, where https://papasdelcole.com/eee/cruise-holidays-for-senior-singles Thor is battling to save the https://ariskaproductions.com/esb/cream-sim-dating-game Nine Realms from

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  7. What is THX?

    What is THX?

    Before THX, filmmakers and audio engineers would spend countless hours poring over cinema footage and audio files, ensuring the perfection of every minute detail. Legendary filmmaker George Lucas first recognised that his films were being released in cinemas yet sounding nothing at all like he intended.

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  8. Jamo SUB210 - Active Subwoofer

    The Jamo SUB210 is a 200W active subwoofer with a strong 8 inch driver. It is ideal for home theatres and audio listening rooms. More compact than any of the predecessors in its class, it offers easy placement in any living environment. The 200W amplifier and a long-throw 8" woofer in a bass-reflex-enclosure give this sub a level of performance unequalled in its class. The auto-on-off switch and

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  9. What is Blu-ray Audio?

    What is Blu Ray audio?

    Released in May this year by the Universal Music Group, Blu-ray Audio is yet another High Fidelity offering in the marketplace. Currently with a limited release of back catalogues from artists such as The Rolling Stones, John Coltrane, Eric Clapton, Bob Marley, Nirvana and Stevie Wonder, hopefully the next round of releases might include something from the last decade.

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  10. 7 Steps to connect your new Foxtel SCART to Component cable

    More and more we are finding SCART to component cables are giving a better quality Foxtel picture. Unfortunately, this is not as simple us taking out your existing Composite (red, white, yellow) cable and plugging in your new SCART to component cable. However, with a SCART to 5RCA cable and by following these steps, you will be pleasantly surprised!

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