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  1. Drift - In Cinemas May 2nd

    If you love a good surf movie, you may want to put this in your diary. Starring Sam Worthington and set in Western Australia in the 70s, Drift is the story of the Kelly brothers, Andy and Jimmy whose passion for surfing massive waves sets the backdrop for big changes in their lives.

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  2. Selby Server Racks

    As our homes fill up with more devices and home technology, sometimes we can find cables, DVD players, amplifiers, computers and more spilling out over the room. It can be difficult to keep a sense of order in our home.

    Have you considered using a Server Cabinet or Rack? Suitable for networking equipment, DVRs and security equipment, patch panels and switches, PABX telephone systems, professional audio equipment and any other equipment designed for mounting on 19" racks.

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  3. "Strong" Portable Bluetooth Mini-Speaker

    Have you ever been out and about listening to your MP3 player or iPod and wished you didn’t have to listen with headphones? Do you want a quick and simple way to share your music without having to drag a dock and wander around looking for a power outlet? Strong's Wireless Mini Bluetooth Speaker (SRT BT1) offer wireless music streaming from any Bluetooth enabled device, anywhere, anytime. It’s brilliant!

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  4. What are the inputs behind my receiver?

    Receiver Inputs

    When you first looked at the back of your AV receiver, did you have to lean in closer to see what all those little colourful holes, knobs and switches were? As new devices and technologies have evolved in audio visual, the receivers have had to evolve also. Your receiver needs to be able to accept the cable or connection from whichever device you want to plug in, therefore providing a vast array of connection types. Having all these inputs and outputs can easily cause confusion, so we're here to help you out.

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  5. Introducing Jamo to Selby

    Always looking to add quality products to our range, Selby are proud to announce the introduction of Jamo to our speaker selection. Danish design, Jamo have a reputation for style, simplicity and functionality. For Jamo, it’s not just about delivering great sound, it’s about how a product integrates into a living space.

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  6. What to include in your Home Theatre

    Home Theatre Pack

    We would all love to reach into our wallet and have no problem in taking home the latest and the greatest in home theatre. Unfortunately most of us have financial limitations, and our money has a long way to stretch. In reality, you don’t need to take out a second mortgage to have your very own, excellent sounding Home Theatre set up.

    The important question is “What should I spend my money on?” You may be tempted to jump straight into a “Home Theatre in a box” set up, but refrain. It’s not a bad idea because it’s cheap, or an unknown brand, but you usually can’t do anything to improve or extend these systems.

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  7. Introducing Oricom CB Radios

    Introducing Oricom CB Radios

    Comprising robust, benefit rich, high quality products priced for everyday use, Oricom's range of quality hand-held and in-vehicle UHF CB radios is recognised as being one of the best available in Australia today. Selby are proud to introduce you to the range now available from our website.

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  8. Introducing "The House of Marley" to Selby

    Selby are proud to announce the introduction of the House of Marley brand to our range. The House of Marley are not your typical music brand. Promoting a strong environmental message, the range which includes headphones, and audio systems, demonstrates its “commitment to premium quality, earth friendly products that embody Bob Marley’s vision”.

    Made from natural, earth-friendly and renewable materials in their products and packaging, such as sustainably sourced FSC-certified woods, organic cotton and recyclable aluminium. Marley products also support “1Love”, which is the Marley family charitable organisation, which is dedicated to supporting youth, planet and peace.

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  9. Can I still use SCART?

    Can I still use SCART

    You may have seen a SCART (Sydndicat des Constructeurs d’Appareils Radiorecepteurs et Televiseurs) cable, but you may not know what it’s called. Developed in France in 1977, soon these sockets and cables were the standard method of connecting audio visual equipment. The SCART socket is a rectangular connector with 21 notched pins, staggered over 2 rows. The sockets are female, and the cables are male.

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  10. Product Profile - Wall Bracket PLB 102b

    Perfect for mounting your new LCD or Plasma to the wall this is a low profile fixed bracket. It also comes with a fitting to give it a 5 degree tilt forward if required to suit your viewing position. This model makes installation easy! It has a locking bar which does not need to be put into place until you have completed the installation. That means you can hook it on at the top and still gain access at the bottom to attach cables before installing the locking bar. This model can also take a lock for extra security!

    This heavy duty bracket is ideal for televisions 32-60” weighing up to 80kg

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