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  1. How do I hook my laptop up to my TV?

    Isn't it great how we can now watch “Catch Up” TV whenever we want? Are you a bit tired of watching shows on your computer or laptop? It’s really simple to connect your laptop or computer to your television, so you can watch your favourite download on a bigger screen.

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  2. Instrument & Music Stands

    Where do you leave your instruments? Do they lay on the furniture, or do they lean up against the wall and scratch the paint and get damaged as they crash to the floor? With the investment you make in your instruments, there’s one low-tech piece of equipment that sometimes gets overlooked.

    Today we want to show you how you can look after your instruments better, and also help you have them within easy reach when you are practicing or gigging. Showcased below are just a few of the stands available from Selby Acoustics. View them all online here.

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  3. How to install a banana plug

    So you have decided to use banana plugs to connect your speaker cable from your speakers to your receiver. Installing banana plugs is a method that can really improve the connections between your equipment. You will also find it a more convenient way of terminating your speaker cables.

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  4. What's Inside a Speaker?

    Although there are certainly different types of speakers in terms of size, quality and price, essentially the components are pretty similar. These are the basics:

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  5. Die Hard 5 - A Good Day to Die Hard


    25 years after the first Die Hard movie, we see Bruce Willis reprising his role as John McClane in the fifth instalment of the Die Hard franchise. McClane Senior travels to Moscow, Russia trying to help out his jailed son Jack (played by Australian Jai Courtney). John suddenly finds himself assisting his son escape and discovers that Jack has actually been working as an undercover CIA agent for the past three years. Trying to prevent a nuclear weapons theft, the father and son double-team to outsmart the criminal Russian syndicate.

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  6. Which headphones?

    Ask five different people what you should get, and you’ll probably get five different answers. “Which headphones should I buy?” This is because what you need will be different to what they need and value. Your ears will be a different shape, and your head may be a different size, what and where you need them will differ. Sounds funny, but these are only a couple of factors which will be on your checklist of things to consider when buying the right headphones.

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  7. Extending Foxtel into a second room

    "Great. My daughter has her friends over and are watching a Twilight DVD in the lounge room…again. If only I could slip away and watch that documentary on Foxtel in our rumpus without having to get a second Foxtel box." Ever had this problem? We can fix this and it’s actually really easy!

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  8. Are you ready to switch to digital?


    By the end of this year (2013), all analog television signals will be shut down, as part of Australia’s “big switch” to digital technology. Many areas of Australia have already completed the switch, whilst others have yet to take the final step. If you have adopted digital technology, you will already be viewing the additional channels which have come along since the phasing out of analog began. In addition to the extra channels, you will find electronic program guides available for each stations daily schedule and the ability to watch your favourite programs in HD (high definition). Digital TV also means you’ll still be able to watch shows made overseas, as international programs are mostly made in digital format. Now is a great time to make sure you are prepared for when Australia is 100% digital.

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  9. Selby smart cases for iPad - Now 25% cheaper!


    This quality smart case from Selby Acoustics is perfect for storing and protecting your iPad 2,3 or 4. The slick Polyurethane material protects your iPad from dints and scratches while giving you a firm grip on your device. The smart design of this case features custom-fit holes and slits that still provide full access to all of your iPad's ports and external features.

    Now reduced from $19.95 to $14.95 saving a huge 25%

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  10. What is 3D printing?


    Also known as “additive manufacturing”, 3D printing creates real, solid objects one layer at a time using digital designs.  Although it can be difficult to wrap your head around how the image on your screen can be a 3D object in your hand, it is even more extraordinary when it happens before your eyes.

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