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  1. HDMI cable version numbers

    There is a lot of confusion about HDMI versions. Which HDMI cable do you need? v1.3, v1.3c, v1.4, v1.4a? What about for 3D?

    Over the years, as HDMI has developed, many different version numbers have been available. Naturally, the latest version has always been the most expensive for consumers -- and the most profitable for retailers, so the retailers will generally push these latest versions as a "must have" or, in the case of cables, "the only way to get your new TV/projector/blu-ray/etc to work properly". Most of the time this is simply untrue.

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  2. Explaining Surround Sound?

    When surround sound was first realised, it was in the realm of commercial cinemas, and it made us all gasp with excitement. Before surround sound, listeners would experience home audio only from the front centre speaker and the 2 front speakers, left & right. Now affordable for the average home, surround sound, as the name suggests allows the listener to be encapsulated by sound 360° on the horizontal plane. Surround sound gives the listener an enhanced audio experience as individual audio channels are expressed through the listeners various speakers.

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  3. Ingress - Google trials "Augmented Reality" game

    Gaming is no longer just for kids, and it is no longer just for sitting on the couch in your lounge room. Augmented Reality is a term that may become common vernacular very soon. As defined by Wikipedia, “Augmented reality (AR) is a live, direct or indirect, view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data.”

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  4. Benefits of in-ceiling speakers

    Have you wondered whether your theatre room is becoming crowded with speakers dotted around you? Would you rather less clutter or have your favourite photos or paintings decorate your walls instead of speakers? Perhaps In-ceiling speakers are the answer, because ceilings are typically clutter free and only used for the odd light. Take careful note of your current lighting plan, because this will also determine where your speakers can be positioned.

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  5. Product Profile: Onkyo iPod/iPhone and iPad Dock with AV Airplay for any Receiver

    Owners of older Onkyo units, Onkyo A/V receivers and stereo amplifiers that lack a USB or ethernet port can now enjoy the convenience of wireless audio streaming with the DS-A5 iPod® /iPhone® /iPad® Dock.

    The DS-A5 connects to your system via analog or digital audio outputs. It features AirPlay for streaming over the home network. Just select an audio file, touch the AirPlay icon and the dock powers up your system and commences playback.

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