1. Digital vs Smart Phone Camera

    Now that you have a camera in your phone, do you still use any other camera?
    Do you remember when your mobile phone was just for talking to people on? For some this is still the case, but for so many it has also become their photography studio. Our phones have the ability to point and click, zoom, flash, and with the help of various apps, compile adjust and filter our snaps.

    With these impressive evolutions, it is interesting to gauge how people are now taking their photos, and how they view them. Have you changed your photo habits? There are a couple of considerations that may play into how your photography continues into the future.

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  2. How much should I spend on my Home Theatre?

    We would all love to reach into our wallet and have no problem in taking home the latest and the greatest in home theatre. Unfortunately most of us have financial limitations, and our money has a long way to stretch. In reality, you don’t need to take out a second mortgage to have your very own, excellent sounding Home Theatre set up.

    The important question is “What should I spend my money on?” You may be tempted to jump straight into a “Home Theatre in a box” set up, but refrain. It’s not a bad idea because it’s cheap, or an unknown brand, but you usually can’t do anything to improve or extend these systems.

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  3. RCA cable colours explained

    Don’t let all the different colours confuse you. It’s not as difficult you may think. Here’s the lo-down. RCA (developed by the “Radio Corporation of America”) cables transmit signals from your audio visual equipment such as your television, monitor or amplifier to the devices you want to play such as your DVD, Blu-ray or X-Box. These devices have inputs for RCA cables that have been colour coded to help you insert the corresponding coloured cable into them, as each colour carries a different type of signal.

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  4. Meet the team - David

    David can be found in a few places around Selby. Equally at home in the store as in the warehouse, David has a lot of technical knowledge of Hi-Fi and is a really interesting brain to tap into. If you call up with a question, chances are you may be speaking to David. Here are David’s answers to our Selby questions:

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  5. Behringer Europort Handheld PA with Mic

    Are you someone who has to project your voice? Whether for work or play, using this extremely lightweight, yet powerful PA system to get your point across is really effective. The EUROPORT EPA40 portable PA system is designed for use in all situations where you need to raise the volume of your voice to communicate effectively with a crowd or small audience. The EPA40 is the ideal PA system for business meetings, sports coaching, tour guides, outdoor activities, classrooms, or any place where you could use a little extra volume for your voice.

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  6. Behringer Eurolive PA Speaker

    Behringer Eurolive 150W Active P.A. Speaker
    What if you could mount your personal monitor on a mic stand and point it right at your face? Behringer has turned this idea into a real life product. The B205D is an active PA loudspeaker that is small and light enough to mount on a mic stand. But don’t let the small size fool you—the B205D cranks out high-fidelity sound and comes loaded with features that will surprise you!

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  7. Can I still use my SCART audio-visual equipment?

    You may have seen a SCART (Sydndicat des Constructeurs d’Appareils Radiorecepteurs et Televiseurs) cable, but you may not know what it’s called. Developed in France in 1977, soon these sockets and cables were the standard method of connecting audio visual equipment. The SCART socket is a rectangular connector with 21 notched pins, staggered over 2 rows. The sockets are female, and the cables are male.

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  8. What is Network Cable and do I need to install it?

    Network cable is a “twisted-pair copper” data cable (sometimes known as a patch cable) that is used to hook network devices up together. Network devices are things like computers, printers, servers, gaming consoles and multi-media players. The great thing about network cables is that data can be transferred quickly, cheaply and reliably without the need to be spending a fortune. As more and more devices have network cable ports, it’s a very easy and cost effective way of sorting out your system. Network cable comes in various colours which really helps if you want to be able to easily identify which cable is connected to which device. Network cable is also referred to by its’ category number. You may have heard these called Cat5, Cat5e or Cat6.

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  9. Are your speakers out of phase?

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    You wouldn’t believe how many people have speakers that are “out of phase”. Essentially this means that your wiring is not quite right, and you will not be hearing the sound waves correctly. You may even be hearing the left from the right and vice versa. Having out of phase speakers won’t hurt your equipment, but you won’t get the most out of your speakers if you don’t correct it either.

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  10. Launch of the new "Selby Video"

    We are excited to release the new Selby Acoustics video. Now you can see how we get your orders from our place to you!

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