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  1. Improving the acoustics of your Home Theatre

    Want to achieve better sound quality from your Hi-Fi or Home Theatre?

    Before you go out and drop a couple of grand on a new amp or speakers have you thought about your listening room? Most of the time, significant gains in sound quality can be achieved for little or no cost by simply playing with speaker placement and your room’s acoustics. For a start, every speaker is designed to go in a certain “position” in the room. For stereo speakers for example this is usually 50cm or more from the wall behind the speaker and around 1m from a side wall to achieve the best results. Most of the time your speaker’s user manual should be a good guide to placement. Try and get them as close as possible to the recommended then play with moving them around a little till you find the spot where you like the sound the best.

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  2. What is AWG on speaker leads and what do I need?

    AWG is the standard grading used on speaker wire. It stands for American Wire Gauge and is a very useful number to understand. A poorly chosen AWG can compromise the sound quality of your speakers.

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  3. Is it time to get a Universal Remote Control?

    Have you got lots of remote controls floating around? Are you swapping batteries from one remote to another? STOP! Perhaps it’s time to invest in a Universal Remote Control. But how does it work?

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  4. Selby Welcome Behringer!

    Selby are proud to announce the introduction of the Behringer brand to our range. Behringer are one of the largest and most successful international Pro-Audio brands, with an enormous range. Now stocking a collection for stage and studio applications, you will find - Headphones, DI-Boxes (direct injection), Condenser Microphones, Mixers, Phantom Power Supply’s, Mixing & Distribution Amps, Keyboard Amps and more. All Behringer products are supported with a 3 Year Warranty, demonstrating the confidence we have in the range. Click here to see the Behringer range

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  5. Do you need better storage? Selby Server Racks.

    As our homes fill up with more devices and home technology, sometimes we can find cables, DVD players, amplifiers, computers and more spilling out over the room. It can be difficult to keep a sense of order in our home.

    Have you considered using a Server Cabinet or Rack? Suitable for networking equipment, DVRs and security equipment, patch panels and switches, PABX telephone systems, professional audio equipment and any other equipment designed for mounting on 19" racks.

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  6. Meet the Team - Shaun

    Call me Shauno. Together with my lovely wife I’m the founder and owner of Selby Acoustics.

    I started Selby Acoustics in 2003, part time, working from home while I was still working full time at Bunning’s. My whole career had been in retail and my dream was to own a Hi Fi store one day. Thank god the internet came along, it was a great way for a small business to get started and I saw it as a perfect opportunity to get my Hi Fi business up and running and create an online store based on traditional retail customer service levels.

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  7. Geelong Revival - 1st & 2nd December 2012

    Selby Acoustics are proud to be a sponsor of the upcoming Geelong Revival. The Just Cars Geelong Revival 2012 starts with a Pre-Tour from Melbourne on Thursday 29th of November which culminates in Geelong on the evening of Friday 30th with the launch party at The Pier, Geelong.

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  8. Not enough inputs on your TV? Here's the answer.

    You don't need to spend a fortune to make your life a little easier.

    Using a Home Entertainment Control Centre, gives you lots of additional audio and video inputs, so you can connect several different source devices (eg: DVD player, VCR, BluRay player, video game consoles, etc) to the switch box, and then connect the switch box to your TV. Then you can easily switch between your devices, either with the remote control or with the buttons on the switch box! No need to struggle behind your TV to disconnect and reconnect cables to get the right device working!

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  9. Style & Substance - Onkyo Mini Hi-Fi System for iPod & iPhone


    Small systems don’t have to mean small sound. Introducing the ONKYO iPod System, with both style and substance.

    Onkyo Mini Hi-Fi System with Dock for iPod/iPhone
    This mini hi-fi system from Onkyo features a docking station for your iPod/iPhone which allows you to wake up to your choice of music. Also features a CD player, USB input, radio, clock and alarm.

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  10. Meet the Team - Monique

    When we decided it would be nice to introduce the team behind Selby, I asked “Who should we introduce first”. The answer came shooting back to me…”You”. After a few moments, I said “OK, I guess I asked for that one”.

    So, I am Monique. I have been with Selby for only a short period, joining the team in August 2012 as the Advertising Coordinator. I share an office with 5 guys, which may make some shudder, but not me, they’re great!

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