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  1. What is a Media Streamer?

    The term “Media Streamer” has started to crop up a lot recently and essentially this is a term used to describe a Digital Media Receiver (DMR). Media streamer is a very broad term which covers a few different network devices that are designed to either record or download and deliver programs. In general terms a media streamer can be classified as either a device that downloads and stores media, or a device that streams media from a source that is external to it. Media streamers can be capable of different functions, such as music, music and pictures or music, pictures and video.

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  2. HELP! Which TV Bracket do I need?

    There are great benefits of mounting your television on the wall. Not only will you have more space in the room, but you can also avoid the expense of buying furniture just to sit your television on.

    A few things to consider when selecting the right bracket for your TV.

    1. How big is your TV?
    2. How heavy is it? (Generally a plasma screen will weigh more than an LCD)
    3. Where is it to be positioned? i.e: Is it near a window or light source?
    4. What function do you want from your television once it is mounted?
    5. Are there any manufacturers requirements for wall mounting? i.e: distance from the wall recommended.

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  3. Tips on Reducing Cable Clutter

    Despite living in an increasingly wireless world, many of our devices still have cables, and lots of them. I don’t think there is a one size fits all solution for everyone, but surely we can do a better job than most of us are doing at the moment.

    Not only is “cable management” important from a visual perspective, but being more organised with your cables can help safety around your home or business and can save you time too!

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  4. Hercules Musical Instrument Stands - Now In-store & Online

    Whether you are a novice or a professional musician, your musical instrument is an extension of yourself. Protecting it when it is not in use, means trusting it to an instrument stand. Selby introduces to you the Hercules brand of instrument stands, now available in our stores and online. Built tough and strong with steel, Hercules’ patented stands suit a variety of instruments. Fitted with specially formulated foam to cushion your instrument at all contact points, Hercules invest a lot of time into developing top quality equipment and eliminating the problems found in other stands. Including a 12 month warranty, you will notice the difference with Hercules stands.

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  5. LCD vs Plasma - What is the difference?


    Both LCD & Plasma are flat screened and thin, but this is where the similarities end. Both use very different technology to deliver you quality results and no longer do televisions require a bulky picture tube. This has seen a revolution in televisions by allowing them to now be mounted on walls and become a design element as much as a source of entertainment.

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  6. What do you need in a Sound System?

    So you’ve decided it’s time to upgrade from your old “Boom-Box” to a sound system. What do you need?

    Now with the availability of affordable systems, surround sound is a quality everyone can enjoy. One of the first questions you need to ask yourself is, “Where will you be putting it?” This will tell you how big the room is, and how your system will be installed in the space.

    A typical sound system consists of an AV Receiver, which is commonly called an Amp. The Av Receiver is the unit that you connect to all your audio & visual gadgets such as your Bluray Player, Xbox, Projector so you can hear the sound through the speakers. You may remember them as the box with the dozens of coloured input terminals at the back.

    Receivers range in price, depending on the built in features. You should ask questions about these various features before you buy, because what one person wants or needs, may not suit you.

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  7. Get Ready for Outdoor Entertaining - Install Outdoor Speakers

    Avico Outdoor Speaker Packs – Ready to Install

    How much time will you spend outside this Summer? Do you like to work in the garden, or entertain friends with a backyard bbq? Do you drag your old portable “boom-box” through the window with power leads hanging through the flyscreen?

    Wouldn’t you prefer to listen to great quality sound through permanent outdoor speakers? It’s not as complicated as you think, and it’s certainly not expensive. Great sound is affordable whether you are at work or at play outside.

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  8. What is HDTV anyway?

    We hear the terms HDTV, and Full HD thrown around often. What does it all mean anyway?

    The two significant differences between analogue and digital are screen format and resolution. HDTV is the highest form of digital television. With a widescreen ratio 16:9, HDTV is easier for our eyes to follow (left to right) than the old analogue square screen (up and down). Its’ resolution comes in either 720p, 1080i or 1080p (Full HD), which essentially explains the number of lines that create the picture. The picture is better when it has more lines, similar to when you refer to the dpi of your camera. The “P” - progressive or “I” – interlaced, is determined by the scan method used by the television to display the image. Keep in mind that progressive is a quicker processing method and can reload the images twice as fast as the interlaced method. This allows a clearer, crisper image with better colour.

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  9. Footy Finals Big Screen 3D Projector Package - Home Delivered for Grand Final Day

    Don’t spend your Grand Final Day huddled around a small screen. Projecting full HD onto a huge 107 inch screen, this will be the next best thing to being at the game! Immerse yourself in all of the action with a quality home theatre experience brought to you by the team at Selby.

    We've carefully tailored this package with one thing in mind: offering you a great home theatre system at a great price. We've hand-picked some of our most popular products from leading brands including Epson, Samsung, Onkyo and Mission to offer you one of the best value-for-money home theatre systems in town.

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  10. What's a Smart TV and will I really use it?

    With the growth of smart phones and other “connected devices”, it is only logical that our televisions move into the next phase of “Smart Devices”. Smart TV’s are not only connected to your power board, but also to the internet.  As with most of our reason for “needing” the latest device, it is the convenience factor which is touted as the need for a Smart TV. You  can automatically access your music that is currently on your mp3 player, and play it from the TV, using your surround sound speakers. It’s not just all the fancy extra features that the Smart TV has, it is considered the way we will begin to utilise our televisions in the future.

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