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  1. How to: Position your Subwoofer


    In most home theatre systems, the sub-woofer is shoved in a corner or hidden wherever it causes the least aesthetic problems. Interestingly, in most Home Theatre setups, the subwoofer is not where it should be! If the sub is in the correct place you should hear no obvious bass; it should just seamlessly blend in with the surrounding audio but should still be able to pack a punch when needed in those big explosions. It should be smooth and even.

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  2. 3D HDMI Cables with Ethernet and ARC

    Selby HDMI Cable

    We finally have the new HDMI cables that everyone is asking about!

    The new leads include the two new channels; the Ethernet channel (HEC) and the Audio Return Channel (ARC).

    The Ethernet channel allows you to share an internet connection between two units. This is especially useful when connecting sources like the PS3 where normally you'd have to plug in another lead to get the internet working. It also allows easier home entertainment networking and provides easier content distribution. Devices connected in this

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