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Resi-Linx Active 4 x Composite AV Balun Transmitter RLBV140A

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Products from the powerful Resi-Linx range are extremely versatile, so it is hard to describe every single application in one listing. If you would like assistance with choosing the right product for your needs, or if you are interested in putting together a Resi-Linx system, please feel free to call our helpful staff before buying (free call: 1800 69 2225).

Resi-Linx RL-BV140A
The RLBV140A is an Active Quad Composite Video and Stereo Analogue Audio Balun Transmitter. It allows the transmission of a composite baseband video signal and stereo analogue audio signal for up to 4 TVs via network cables.

'Linx-AV' Balun / Matrix AV Range
The Resi-Linx 'Linx-AV' Balun and Matrix range offer stand-alone AV solutions with enhanced audio for all your composite and component video and audio distribution requirements. The Resi-Linx Matrix systems offer return path IR control and the option of adding IR Targets and Emitters to enable independant control of AV devices from each room/zone.

Please NoteThis product is not a complete system.
This is the Composite Video and Stereo Audio Balun Transmitter RLBV140A only.

You will need additional parts to form a complete system.Enhanced Audio
With the inclusion of the new Resi-Linx Audio Input Module, audio signals distributed by any balun within the 'Linx-AV' range can be heard through in-ceiling / in-wall speakers. The Audio Input Module connects locally from the Receiver Balun to a Resi-Linx Amplified Volume Control and speakers within that room/zone, greatly enhancing sound performance and is ideal for larger rooms.

Single source in up to 4 zones/rooms will require:
- 1 x RLBV140A (this balun transmitter)
- 1 x RLBV150B (balun receiver) per room/zone
- 1 x RLBV500 (IR Target) per room/zone
- RJ45 network cabling

Resi-Linx RL-BV140A Features:
- Active Quad Composite Video and Stereo Audio Balun Transmitter with IR control
- Transmits composite video and audio signals to up to 4 TV's via network cables
- Enhanced audio
- Built-in IR control with addition of A1141SA/A1142SA Emitters
- Features Loop Through terminals to maintain AV quality signal at source
- Includes Switch Mode power supply
- FOXTEL approved!
- Plasma friendly

More Information
Model Number RLBV140A

Resi-Linx RL-BV140A Specifications
- For Use With: RLBV150B Receiver
- Configuration: 1:4
- Loop Through Capability: Yes
- IR Capability: Yes
- Maximum Distance: Up to 100m

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