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Anthem PVA 4 4-channel Power Amplifier

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Put as much effort and circuitry into two channels as your average home theatre amp puts into a dozen, and get astonishing fidelity and dynamic power in return.  Anthem multichannel amps are built essentially as multiple monoblocks and deliver as much power per speaker driving all channels as when driving two.  Not only do Anthem power amps feature astonishing power output and astonishing (-ly low) noise and distortion, they also feature Advanced Load Monitoring (ALM) to make sure nothing on their end burns out even when things get out of even their very capable hands.

Passion for Better Sound Meets Exemplary Circuit Design

Whether for personal or professional use, Anthem products have long been known as world class in high-end performance and value.  This was only made possible by a company full of people with passion for designing products producing exceptional sound.  The sonic purity of the PVA amplifier design is the result of Anthem's intensive research and development in high-end design.


The Power Behind it All

Superior high-end sound begins with a superior power supply. These amplifiers use custom-built, low-noise, high-power toroidal transformers and advanced power supply regulators with high-quality, low-ESL/low-ESR filter capacitors and huge storage capacity.

+ Toroidal Transformers
+ High quality parts
+ Huge supply and storage capacity


Keep it Simple and Smart

Anthem's proprietary patented circuit follows their Keep-It-Simple principle, using the fewest number of parts in the signal path to maintain the integrity of sound, and providing the finesse and instantaneous output power to effortlessly reproduce the challenging variety of sounds in movie SFX and demanding musical passages.  Yet they also have the smarts to remain stable as a rock into the most difficult loads, cut off automatically when things go wrong (short circuit, excess input signal, etc.) using the non-invasive Advanced Load Monitoring, and be able to turn on and off automatically from monitoring the input signal, or via a remote 12V trigger.

+ Pure output via simple circuit topology
+ High power
+ Sophisticated protection circuit
+ Auto on/off


Advanced Load Monitoring (ALM)

PVA Series amplifiers feature Anthem's exclusive ALM circuitry which protects sensitive output devices by constantly monitoring temperature, current and voltage to ensure optimum long-term performance. ALM is totally non-invasive—it is not in the signal path and only engages in the most extreme circumstances to protect the amplifier from damage by maintaining the safe operating area of the output devices. Buyer beware however! Not all amplifier manufacturers have sophisticated load-monitoring provisions. Many have saved the added cost, leaving their output devices unprotected, choosing instead to use the amplifier’s output devices as “fuses.” At Anthem, ALM is just one of the ways in which Anthem products provide owners with years of reliable service.


Built like an American Tank

From military-spec (FR-4-rated) epoxy circuit boards to multiple high-current bipolar-output transistors, oversize computer-designed heatsinks and custom-designed robust binding posts, the build quality of these amps (all designed and built in North America) ranks among the finest in the world.


122dB Signal to Noise Ratio

The amount of noise these can make when called for stands in stark contrast to the amount of sound it won't make when there is none in the signal.  122dB of S/N ratio means these amps can capture everything from thunderous movie special effects, to the tonal subtleties produced by the strings of a single violin, to the complete black background of track lead-ins and lead-outs, all without breaking a stride.

More Information
Model Number PVA 4
RRP 2,499.00


Inputs:  4-Single-Ended RCA, 1 Relay Trigger (3.5-mm Mono Jack)
Outputs:  4 Pairs Speaker Binding Posts, 1 Relay Trigger (3.5-mm Mono Jack)


Front Panel:  Power (On/Off)
Rear Panel:  3 On/Off Modes (Trigger, Manual, Auto)

Power Output

(Continuous RMS, 20Hz - 20kHz, <1.0% THD)

All Channels Driven:
125W @8Ω / 165W @4Ω

Single Channel:
125W @8Ω / 200W @4Ω / 300W @2Ω

Other Specifications

Headroom:  1.25 dB (8 Ω); 2.13 dB (4 Ω)
Power bandwidth:  10 Hz - 80 kHz (125 W @ 8 Ω)
Frequency response:  20 Hz - 20 kHz (-0.20 db); 5 Hz - 100 kHz (-2.5 dB)
THD+N:  <0.002% @ 1 kHz; <0.03% @ 20 kHz (100 W into 8 Ω)
Input Sensitivity:  1.12 VRMS for 125 W into 8 Ω
Input Impedance:  10 kΩ
Damping factor:  200 @ 1 kHz (ref. 8 Ω)
S/N Ratio:  122 db, A-weighted (ref. 125 W)
Channel Separation:  >65 dB (100 Hz - 10 kHz)
Voltage gain:  29 dB
Slew Rate:  28 V/µs
Power requirements:  1125 W @ maximum power output (8 Ω load)
Dimensions (H x W x D; heights include feet):  14.9cm (5-7/8") High x 43.8cm (17-1/4") Wide x 33.5cm (13-1/4") Deep
Weight (unpacked):  16.4 kg (36.1 lb)

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