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27-37" inch LED LCD Plasma TV Monitor Ceiling Swivel Tilt Mount Bracket 45kg Black CPLB102s.bk

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TV Screen SizeTV WeightTV Mounting Holes

Hang your TV from the ceiling!
This bracket is perfect for mounting your TV to the ceiling. Perfect for situations where there is no suitable wall on which to mount.

- 15 degrees vertical tilt
- 360 degrees rotation
- Height adjustable
- Easy to install
- 45kg weight capacity
- Screws/fixings supplied for most common installations

Fully Adjustable
The extension pole is 40mm in diameter and incrementally adjustable from 570mm to 800mm (from the ceiling to the centre of the bracket), allowing for the requirements of various situations. The bracket can rotate a full 360 degrees and also tilt forward to a max of 15 degrees, to assist in achieving the best viewing position.

Will it fit my screen?
TV Screen SizeTV WeightTV Mounting Holes
This bracket will fit your TV screen (and not be visible from front on) if your TV is:
     - At least 530mm wide.
     - At least 350mm tall.
2. The four screw holes on the back of your TV need to be:
     - No more than 480mm apart horizontally (side to side).
     - No more than 320mm apart vertically (top to bottom).
3. Your TV needs to weigh no more than 45kg. 

Included Screws?
This bracket includes a variety of screws/bolts/spacers which are suitable for most installations. Unfortunately, due to the enormous range of TV brands and models available, we're unable to guarantee that the included fixings will suit every installation.

As with all ceiling brackets, it is essential that this bracket is fixed to an appropriate support (eg: a timber or steel ceiling beam).

User Manual (PDF, 820KB)

More Information
Model Number 126247

User Manual (PDF, 820KB)

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