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DIY Projector Screens

DIY Projector Screens

Screen Goo is a line of premium quality water-based acrylic paints designed specifically to transform any smooth paintable surface into a high performance projection screen. Screen Goo products are ideal for Home Theater, Commercial, Educational or Industrial Front or Rear, 2D or 3D Projection applications. Screen Goo can be rolled or sprayed onto any size and shape surface including compound curves and three dimensional structures by users without any special tools or skills. Screen Goo costs less and outperforms traditional, less environmentally friendly, vinyl projection screens.

To determine the most suitable Screen Goo coating for any project, consideration needs to be given to Image Size, Projector Light Output, Ambient Light Levels and Content. You can determine which Screen Goo you will need for your application by using the Goo Systems Product Calculator.

For more information on Screen Goo and how to use it, head over to the Goo Systems website.

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